In Your Community Providing Services Everyday  AT ADVANTAGE WASTE SYSTEMS, "THE FUTURE LOOKS GREENER"     

Advantage Waste Systems, is a privately owned Canadian company and a leading provider of comprehensive waste management services, offering customized commercial, institutional and residential waste collection solutions throughout Southern Ontario. Continuously exploring a creative business model we embrace a digital environment and are dedicated to evaluating how businesses and organizations can sustain themselves financially through the use of real waste management solutions and commodity recovery.  

What makes us different, 

Transparency. "We monitor waste collection records for every service and share this important information with our customers, Utilizing cutting edge technology and on-board scales we review your output patterns, volumes, weights and material types; then we elevate it to the next level, introducing possible recycling plans ones which are left wide open and flexible in terms of required collection service, change in container type and sizes, we even make contract price adjustments and more importantly set you up for the capture of new recycling materials, sometimes completely eliminating a waste service no longer required.

Making significant investments in our operations saves customers real dollars. We have the technology to live-stream from our collection vehicles vital data with important indicators which can initiate entire changes swiftly and we continue to monitor these changes with real performance numbers going forward "No waste company has ever done this." In the past this information was reserved for the collectors own profit making, today Advantage Waste Systems shares this information regularly and together we can create sustainable cost cutting measures that are not just a wish list in waste reduction. 

Composting is nothing new for Advantage Waste Systems or anyone else for that matter, in fact it takes place naturally around us every day and we all know it is extremely beneficial to the environment. The natural evolution of composting is undermined when it goes into the garbage and then to landfills. Composting will make the biggest reduction in your waste stream, reduce overall costs and it's simple for everyone to participate. After your food waste and compostable packaging reach the organic site, they are environmentally prepared, understanding the benefits is clear, rich soil products are produced and distributed for resale creating jobs and makes excellent economic sense while changing the state of our planet one collection tote at a time. 

As The Regional Municipality of Halton, Multi-Residential and Special Waste service provider, Advantage Waste Systems services thousands of locations in the communities you live in, we have exceeded the contract standard by developing additional recycling collection programs for waste technology and large item junk recycling. Recognized for these and many more distinguished programs and services since 2009 Advantage Waste Systems is the go to provider in the region of Halton.

For over 17 years Advantage Waste Systems has been setting the operational standard in Waste Management, committed to the concept of "Going Green" we have undertaken numerous steps to accomplish this. 

Our continuing commitment includes operating the most environmentally friendly fleet with advanced idle clean engine technology, the introduction of a completely paperless operating platform along with further investments to enhance our charge towards new recycling markets and landfill diversion. These moves have dramatically reduce our operating footprint, created a sustainable environment and has potentially opened the door for other service providers to follow. 

Our web site content will always bring you the latest information on new collection methods, service schedules and emerging recycling markets for valuable resources recovery which can be realized from production operations, with many diverse and successful plans we encourage everyone to join us in threatening the viability of traditional waste collection and join us on the road to ZERO waste. 

In your neighborhood and at your local business, Advantage Waste Systems, Bulk BoyZ and ewaste electronics unplugged are on the road collecting and managing your waste and recycling every day while providing real GREEN solutions.


With pride we fulfill our commitment to the communities we service and deliver unprecedented customer satisfaction to everyone. Working closely with stakeholders, businesses and charities, developing recycling capture plans and investing in their sustainability is the key to our company spirit, creating simple green collection solutions that continue to work towards a future with zero waste. Our group of companies promises to realize growth and expansion only in a sustainable and responsible way and is committed to continuing to deliver consistent value creation for all our customers but most importantly to listen to their individual needs. Vital to achieving our strategy is the expertise of our management team and employees who share the same values.