Front-Load Collection Services

Save money while supporting your local economy and keep Canadians working! 


Advantage "A Canadian Company"

Advantage Waste Systems is an Ontario family owned and operated waste company offering commercial, institutional and residential Front-Load waste and recycling services to our customers, as well as municipal and regional waste collectors. 

We have been in the waste management industry since 1985 and offer our clients a unique combination of professional service with a personal and caring touch. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is carefully trained to answer all your questions, suggest cost effective solutions, and help you make decisions that benefit you and your business.

We are not a call center in another province or country, we answer your calls directly and reply to your emails the very same day.

Today everyone calls themselves a "Waste Broker", these are individuals and companies operating call in centers, relying on email and usually located in another province or in the United States, they own no service equipment and have no investment in your well-being, the truth is they subcontract your very special needs to the lowest bidder and then on top of that they upcharge, you have no idea who will show up and with what kind of equipment or service they may provide, when you have important issues to be resolved you will have to deal with a middle person not the local service provider. WHY DO THAT! Deal directly with the experts, our operational team has many dedicated years of experience in customer service and our continuing investment into modern eco-friendly collection equipment and new containers styles positions us to serve you best.  

Advantage custom designs and builds all types of collection equipment; we offer front line maintenance on every single product we sell and operate a complete refurbishing facility which looks after any possible repair requirement you may have. 

Our years of experience in the commercial waste industry assures your company of dependable, level one, on-time, worry-free collection service at the best possible price — with no hidden charges or service fees. All our business dealings are up-front, the only surprise will be how great our customer support team really is.



With a wide selection of container sizes ranging from custom 1 cubic yard through to 8 cubic yards or any other required service options, we work to custom fit your organization's needs, schedule and pocket book.  

Advantage operates state of the art commercial clean idle engines on our collection fleet, from trash to all-in-one, single-stream recycling, we helping you divert waste from the landfill and assist you with creating a sustainable working plan.  

Front-Load service areas include Mississauga, Oakville, Limehouse, Georgetown, Acton, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Dundas, Flamboro, Mount Hope, Ancaster, Alberton, Jerseyville, Binbrook, Stoney Creek, Grassie, Hannon, Winona, Grimsby, Lincoln, Beamsville, Vineland, Jordan, and St Catharines.

Professional and dependable, Advantage Waste Systems offers the best of both worlds to our valued customers in the Southern Ontario Regions. When you have questions or concerns, you speak directly with a local person closely involved with the business who knows, lives and serves your community, oh and that would be immediately not in a few days.

Advantage Pride! our daily operations speak for themselves, just ask around we are reliable and consistent each and every day of the week, that you can bank on! Live data streams directly from our collection vehicles making onsite problem solving immediate and information gathering for your audits accurate, we don't have to return tomorrow to do what we can solved today.


Front-Load Container Collection Options


Co-Mingled Single Stream Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

Paper & Fiber Recycling

Construction Site Front-Load Management


Front-Load Container Sizes 

2 Cubic yards           4 Cubic yards        6 Cubic yards       8 Cubic yards

Height 36 inches       Height 48 inches     Height 57 inches      Height 72 inches

Depth 36 inches        Depth 59 inches      Depth 71 inches      Depth 80 inches

Width 71 inches        Width 71 inches       Width 71 inches      Width 71 inches

All Front-Load containers have easy lift plastic lids and are lockable

Container Options Include;

1400 lb. Capacity Casters Wheels, for easy moving

Tow Hooks for tractors

Battery Operated Bin Movers

Pull Handles for manual container moving

 What is a Pal/Buddy Truck; when a full size Front-Load vehicle will not be able to service on the premise the Pal/Buddy Truck which is the size of a large pickup truck will retrieve the Front-Load container and bring it off site to service, excellent choice for restrictive service areas with height and safety concerns  


Advantage Waste Systems Sustainability & Local Engagements


 Green, Paperless, Carbon Neutral Environment; At Advantage Waste Systems being carbon neutral is just one way we are reducing our impact on the environment. We are constantly evaluating and optimizing our collection routes, the type and amount of fuel we use to service our customers, the process involved in the products we use, what paper is really necessary and even how much noise our collection operations create. 

For a complete list of carbon neutral engagements contact  

Caring for Our Air - Idle Free Supporters

OES Stewards - Electronic Recycling Affiliates 

Supporters of the MACK Clean Idle Engine


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