Roll-Off Container Service      

The Right Bin, Right Now! 

Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Residential 

Roll-Off construction bin rental in a variety of sizes, with the right bin to suit your project needs. Enjoy the benefits of a worry free booking systems, walk-in style containers and an endless list of recycling options.


Whether you're supervising on a construction site or just upgrading the kitchen we offer you the best value in container management.

Advantage Waste Systems delivers to our industrial and manufacturing contracts value and peace of mind.  

Our approach, managing your risk and ensuring the highest level of legislative and health & safety compliance.

Our Goal, reducing your waste stream and operating costs through diversion while improving the waste generating environment, adding dollars back to your bottom line.



Sustainable Green Projects and LEED Construction, we work hard to help you reduce project costs, increase your recovery rates and assist you in complying with all LEED and MOE requirements, discover excellence in recycling.

LEED and Sustainable projects don't just end at occupancy but continues long into the future with a Solid Waste Management Plan which features simple diversion goals, continue to gain points towards LEED certificates in the Operational and Maintenance categories.




40 cu. yard walk-in Roll-Off Container

Roll-Off Container Sizes

40 Cubic yards    22 Cubic yards    20 Cubic yards       16 Cubic yards

Height 8 feet        Height 5 feet       Height 6 feet           Height 5 feet

Width 8 feet         Width 8 feet         Width 8 feet            Width 8 feet

Length 20 feet      Length 17 feet     Length 14 feet         Length 12 feet



Rear Access Doors at ground level

Lockable door system

Bottom surface rollers

Residential friendly bottom roller collection bins, we offer a variety of sizes, all containers are light weight with 5 ft. low sided walls and walk-in ground level doors for easy entry, lockable for maximum security. Mini delivery trucks are safer for placing our roller bottom containers in your driveway, yes we protect the surface with wood.

 Daily, Weekly or Monthly Rental, all priced competitively, no need to shop around

Not sure what size container you will need, our experienced staff can assist you in calculating your projects waste volume and approximate material weights 


Waste Materials We Handle

Institutional, Commercial, Industrial & Residential Non-Hazardous Waste Loads


Single-Stream Recycling Large Volume

Paper, Cardboard, Cans, Bottles, Plastic 

(All Material Must be Clear Bagged 100% Waste Free)

Optional Enclosed Container Service Available 


Scrap Metal Only Loads, Ferrous and Non Ferrous (Value Back $) 

Loose Cardboard Only Loads (Value Back $)

Bailed Cardboard (Value Back $)


Asbestos Waste

(Enclosed Container, Double Bagged or in Asbestos Container Liner)

Ministry of the Environment Licensed Hauler 


Clean Wood Loads, (Unpainted & Varnish Free)

Pallet/Skids Recycling

Clean Unpainted, Drywall Only Loads 

Clean Plastics Only Loads 


Electronics Recycling - Large Volume  

 (Gaylord Box Collection)


Construction Debris Loads

Flat Roofing Waste

Renovation Waste 


Demolition & Renovation Waste


Concrete Only Loads Flat Rate Service Call for Pricing


Brick & Brick Mortar Only Loads Call for Pricing


Asphalt Only Loads Flat Rate Service Call for Pricing

(No other materials allowed)


All Mixed concrete & brick loads, will be charged as WASTE at a waste per metric tonne charge


 Important Guidelines for DIRT ONLY Loads

Advantage Waste Systems Does Not Deliver Containers For Dirt Loads Without A Laboratory Test