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Casters and Cold Weather

Winter brings extreme weather to Canada where temperatures dip well below 40ºC (which coincidentally is -40ºF). At Advantage, we get many calls from customer with the question “Will my casters work in freezing cold weather and how can I protect them?” so here we advise how to handle casters and cold weather.

Here are a number of cold-weather considerations for casters wheels.

Grease If the grease in the wheel and swivel freezes, casters will seize. Make sure that casters are well greased and that you are using grease rated for the temperatures in which equipment is being used. Standard grease used at Advantage will withstand -25ºC (-13ºF) but specialty greases with even lower temperature ratings are available. Applying a protected seal and thread guard can also be done for outdoor containers.

Consider Kingpinless Kingpinless casters are ideal for cold weather because the swivel raceway is concealed and protected from water and snow. They normally require no additional greasing bit if they do, the grease fitting is in a very convenient location. In addition, kingpinless casters have a larger swivel raceway, improving the maneuverability of equipment on cold, hard surfaces.

Wheels and wheel bearings In freezing temperatures, surfaces get harder and mobility becomes an issue. Harder wheels, that make it easier to get equipment moving and keep it rolling, are the ideal choice. A wheel like our RollX™ has less surface friction and less resistance. In addition, RollX wheels are less likely to chip in cold temperatures. Obstacles on the ground like snow, ice or salt require additional grip, making a softer wheel like our Envirothane™ or Prothane™ a better choice.

Precision ball bearings are the best choice for cold weather. They are pipe sealed, protecting the balls, and rated for temperatures as low as -25ºC. There are bearings available that are rated for even colder temperatures.

Stainless Steel

Cold weather that includes snow and ice (and therefore salt) can create highly corrosive conditions. Casters manufactured using stainless steel and that include stainless steel components will fare much better in extreme cold.

Stay inside, Whenever Possible! This may be obvious but keeping equipment with casters wheels away from the outdoors in cold weather will increase its longevity. If you must take equipment outside, be sure that the casters, including all components and grease are rated for extreme cold temperatures.

Keep Them Clean and Maintained

Wheels need to be kept debris free to avoid damaging, like flat spots from uneven wear, pushing containers sideways too is not advised for wheel longevity as well as towing containers at a slow speed is recommended, never tow containers with seized wheels the

dragging will devastate them. Don't forget to adjust the set screw on locking wheels as they wear to ensure locks continue to do the job.

We can help you with all your cold weather considerations. Just contact Advantage customer service team for more information on casters and capabilities, send us an email

Advantage is a proud retailer of RollX™ wheels made right here at the fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario, RollX™ is a leader in the manufacturing of High Quality Caster Wheels, we wouldn't use any other product.

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